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Our team of expert sonographers at Echo Zuid

Quality is what we stand for at our practice. Providing the best possible care for you and your unborn child is of the utmost importance. Our team has been working together for many years now and all members are certified to carry out ultrasounds.

Our team in Amsterdam

With our many years’ experience, we know better than anyone that you want to receive the best possible care for you and your baby in a pleasant and safe environment, which is precisely what we provide at Echo Zuid in Amsterdam. At our practice in the Rivierenbuurt suburb of Amsterdam, we have created a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. 

The practice’s interior is a touch unconventional, and we have already received a number of appreciative comments about it. 

The interior was designed by Maroeska Metz, an internationally renowned designer from the Netherlands. The CURL – Maroeska’s trademark – can be seen everywhere you go in practice, from the leather sofas to the chandeliers.

If you want to have an ultrasound taken in Amsterdam in a pleasant environment, get to know our professional and friendly team.

Contraception after delivery

Philip Engelen

Gynaecologist (non-practising) | doctor | sonographer

Philip worked as a gynaecologist at an Amsterdam hospital for many years and is always very interested in the latest developments in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. Women who are receiving fertility treatment outside of the Netherlands can contact him directly for a gynaecological scan. He is also certified by The Fetal Medicine Foundation for the nuchal fold and assessing the nasal bone.

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Conny de By

Obstetrician | sonographer
Conny spent many years working as an obstetrician in her own practice and has already brought over 8000 residents of Amsterdam into the world. She was one of the first obstetricians in the Netherlands to use ultrasounds in her practice. At our ultrasound practice, she takes ultrasounds and carries out versions, fits coils and writes prescriptions for the pill and other forms of contraception.

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Marie-Claire Engelen

Marie-Claire is studying to become a doctor at the University of Amsterdam and is now also an enthusiastic sonographer. She has been working as an assistant in our ultrasound practice for many years now. She has been a certified sonographer since 2014.

Quality comes first

Our sonographers have obtained all the certificates they need to take ultrasounds. Regular additional training and refresher courses ensure that our sonographers are kept up to date with the latest developments. The sonographers at Echo Zuid are listed in the BEN quality register.

Echo Zuid has been visited by the inspection committee of the VU medical centre’s Regional Centre for Prenatal Screening. This regional centre critically monitors the affiliated ultrasound practices and is independent in its assessment. 

During the inspection, Echo Zuid was assessed for:

  • organisation
  • expertise
  • materials and services
  • information
  • protocols and procedures
  • product evaluation and quality monitoring

The ultrasounds are carried out using an ALOKA Alpha 7. This piece of ultrasound equipment meets the set requirements in full. It features a large LCD screen on which everyone can easily view the ultrasound images.

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