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Have a 2D or 3D keepsake ultrasound taken at Echo Zuid in Amsterdam

Have a keepsake ultrasound taken to find out the sex of your baby, a 2D scan to share with your family or even a 3D scan that future grandpas and grandmas are also allowed to attend. 

Your keepsake ultrasound in Amsterdam

In addition to medical ultrasounds, it is also nice to have a keepsake ultrasound taken to see the sex of your baby, for example. 

Or you may simply be curious as to how he or she has developed over the last few weeks and what could be better than showing a short video of your unborn baby to your friends and family?

Different types of keepsake ultrasounds are available:

The insurer won’t refund the costs of these scans. View the prices

Is it a boy or a girl?

Can’t wait to find out the sex of your child? It is possible to have an ultrasound taken to determine the sex from as early as 15 weeks.

This will of course also be recorded on a photo as proof!


2D scan at woman’s request

The 2D scan can be taken at any point during the pregnancy. This is when you will want to see how things are going with your child or if you want to share a scan with family. With a 2D scan, we are able to take a good look at the structures in the child’s body and show their profile or their hands and feet. 

2D with DVD

With the 2D scan with DVD, we take plenty of time to produce an image of your child and record it onto DVD. We prefer to do this after the 20-week scan. Afterwards, everything is explained again carefully and there is time to ask any questions you may have. The DVD is a video recording and doesn’t include any sound.

3D/4D scan with DVD

In addition to your standard scans, do you also want to view your child in 3D? Or have an ultrasound taken that future grandpas and grandmas are allowed to attend? The 3D keepsake ultrasound is perfect for this. The best period for taking this ultrasound is between weeks 24 and 28 of the pregnancy, when the baby is lying in plenty of amniotic fluid and already has a certain amount of subcutaneous fatty tissue.

The moving images are a 4D scan recorded onto a DVD, so you can show the scan to family and friends.

If your child’s position means that it isn’t possible to make a good recording, you may come back again at a later date free of charge.

Maak een 3d echo van je ongeboren kind


  • 3D scan with DVD €120
  • 2D scan without DVD €50
  • detailed 2D scan: €80
  • sex determination (from 15 weeks): €50